Mugen Festival 71 Information



Sep.18 Arrive at Sapporo Airport
Sep 21 Press conference and show at Mugen
Sep 23 Show at Osaka, Prefectural Gymnasium
Sep 25 Show at Tokyo, Hibiya Outdoor Music Hall (Recorded on 4 Track Tape)

Setlist (same for Tokyo, Osaka and Mugen shows)
1. Prince Kajuku / The Coming of Prince Kajuku – 2. Silver Bird – 3. C’Mon Everybody – 4. Boogie for George – 5. Follow You Home – 6. Who Do You Love – 7. Lovin Cup

All Tracks except Silver Bird was released on the Live in Japan Album




[; Hibiya Amphitheater September 25, 1971]

Originally it was opened for Three Dog Night Budokan concert, but tickets for this concert has been distributed free of charge to people who refund the ticket by visiting their discontinuation. UFO appeared in about one week to the shop called „Akasaka infinite“ In addition to this. It may Ike & Tina Turner also appeared Bakezu such as Chambers Brothers, and also appeared in Infinity this time. Shop located near the infinite of „Bipurosu“ was the famous rock musician Japan since going to play now that you mention it.

Billed as „MUGEN FESTIVAL“ On this day, 70 & Troiel Sound of Farauto / America in Japan appeared as opening act. America set was playing a cover of the Sly & Family Stone.

I started hits in Japan at the time in the „Come-Everybody“ is UFO, but there is a accident Pete Way of the base that cut the finger, played six songs, but concert end remains incomplete. I remember well the audience frustration of some is had in the seat making noise after termination.

It was a concert that I think it is! „That was good to be able to watch Farauto“ is now become.

I did not have a good day but you know, live recording of UFO is performed, and was released from Toshiba as a live album at a later date. This is the first record that my applause is on. I bought at Tower Records in Shibuya to the 1980s, without afford enough to buy this at the time, was actually purchased It is import analog board somewhere that gibberish.

[Story of scary security guard]

In order to prevent the free visitor coming Overcoming the wall of sound field, part-time job was hired the day was guarding around the fence with a square timber. I do not want to comment dare.

[Story of who were the main act of illusion]

It’s not that on the day, but it is the story of the Three Dog Night Japan Tour a UFO was supposed to be on the undercard. According to our memory, they were scheduled to Koshien in the Kansai and once Budokan initially. Zeppelin is Koshien day Budokan, it also it was a day schedule of Osaka Festival Hall such that the cross and the east and west perfectly and Budokan. Promoter also companies that Pan Japan rather than the universal and Kyodo Tokyo.

I’m did not sell tickets, this is. It was written „three dogs are howling the airship to fly empty“ to the young people for men weekly at the time. Whatever was also hit Japan at the time, called „The World of joy“ hard rock and progressive rock groups like Chicago was popular, their music, such as close to pop a little did not seem call a person. It becomes that they will become very popular in Japan to wait until the big hit of „Old Fashioned Love Song“.

By the way, and that (maybe) it was changed to Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium from Koshien concert venue of them after a while, you have add that the traffic accident of members was the reason, not the poor house because of Japan canceled ( laughs).

[Story of my ticket]

I received from a friend who bought a ticket for one person Three Dog Night just around me. He, thank you very much had to say „Do not I should buy tickets Zeppelin“. It does not it? Became famous long after even UFO. It was good to go to the topic of conversation.

UFO_1970_mugen_ticket_Japan UFO_1970_mugen_ticket_J2