Tourdates 1970-73

1970-10-02 – Herts, England – Farx Potters Bar
1970-10-04 – Bexley kent,England – black prince hotel
1970-10-16 – Welwyn gardens city,England    community centre

1971-02-12    wollaston, northants,England    nag´s head
1971-02-19    braintree, England    two j´s club
1971-02-22    London, England    Marquee Club    Bootleg Marquee Club 1971
1971-05-02    London, England    Lyceum/the strand
1971-05-06    harburg, Germany    Friedrich Ebert Halle,    Ticket
1971-05-08    Kiel, Germany    Fördehochhaus,    Bootleg UFO Live 71 in Germany
1971-05-26    frankfurt    zoom
1971-06-05    London, England    the temple
1971-09-21    Mugen, Japan
1971-09-23   Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium
1971-09-25   Tokyo , Japan, Hibiya Yaon, Hibiya Outdoor Music Hall (Recorded for LP Release)
1971-11-25    liverpool, England
1971-11-26    London, England    the temple
1971-11-27    bedford, England
1971-11-28    birmingham, England
1971-11-29    lampter, England
1971-12-02    amersham, England
1971-12-04    canterbury, England
1971-12-05    switzerland
1971-12-06    switzerland
1971-12-07    switzerland
1971-12-08    switzerland
1971-12-09    preston, England
1971-12-10    gloucester, England
1971-12-20    manchester, England    joynson memorial hall

1972-01-08    London, England    Marquee Club    Phil Mogg (v), Larry Wallis (g), Pete Way (b), Andy Parker (d)
1972-01-17    London, England    marquee
1972-03-17    siouthgate, England    rius
1972-03-24    leystonstone, England    red lion chez club
1972-03-27    London, England      Marquee    Bootleg
1972-04-14    burton on trent,England    club,
1972-05-24    London, England    manor house
1972-05-31    London, England    marquee
1972-06-06    wood green, London, England    nightingale hotel
1972-11-03    London, England    marquee    Bernie Marsden replaces Larry Wallis on Guitar
1972-11-05    bradford, England    university
1972-11-23    liverpool, England    cavern club
1972-12-01    london,England    marquee
1972-12-02    liverpool, England (date?)    cavern club
1972-12-12    London, England    nightingale hotel

1973-02-16    London, england    kings cross cinema
1973-03-29    Esslingen, Germany    Scala Lichtspieltheater
1973-04-01    Gunzburg, Germany
1973-04-29    Mannheim, Germany         Bootleg
1973-06-09    Recklinghausen, Germany         Bootleg
1973-06-10 – Frankfurt, Germany – Radstadion – This is in Phil’s TOP 3 of UFO’s all time lows. FLOCK, FAIRPORT CONVENTION, BADFINGER AND BEGGARS OPERA were all lined up for this POP FESTIVAL IN MANNHEIM but could not make it and was replaced by UFO and SOFTMACHINE.  UFO opened and was greeted by a mass of boos and whistles.They did not play bad but the public was unmoved.  Phil still remembers this gig and admitts its one of their worst onstage experience followed by Tokyo 1998 and Manchester 2000.
1973-06-11    frankfurt, germany    Radstadion
1973-06-19    maidenstone, england    corn exchange,
1973-06-23    london, england    Greyhound pub
1973-07-07    london, england    marquee
1973-07-18 – Regensburg, Germany – This is the Concert where Michael Schenker temporary replaced Bernie Marsden. They played the next 2 Shows with Michael before Bernie arrived in germany. At the End of the Tour Michael fly to London to live in Phil Moogs Flat. The Rest is History. Support Act:Scorpions

1973-07-29    london, england    marquee
1973-08-05    london, england    charing cross
1973-09-18    berlin, germany    Funkausstellung    (1st tv appearance with michael schenker)
1973-09-23    westcliffe, england    queens hotel
1973-11-13    Mannheim, Germany    Mozartsaal    Bootleg
1973-11-15    courtrai, belgium    halle, kortrijk
1973-11-23    Berlin, Germany    Jugendhaus    Bootleg